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Yulu Revolutionizes Urban Transportation in India with Strategic Partners



The widespread issue of pollution and traffic has become a major concern globally. Therefore, it is crucial to identify a transportation solution that is both quick and comfortable yet does not harm the environment. In recent years, Yulu Bikes have emerged as an innovative answer to this challenge.

Yulu Bikes offer an eco-friendly mode of transportation within cities. These electric-powered bicycles provide a smooth and comfortable ride while being environmentally conscious. Yulu Bikes are ideal for short-distance commutes within the city or leisurely rides around town.

Yulu Initiative

The Yulu Bikes initiative is making strides in transforming urban transportation. As pollution and traffic congestion continue to escalate in cities, Yulu’s growth trajectory aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient commuting options. The project offers a viable solution for those who seek to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining convenience and speed. Yulu Bikes is revolutionizing how people get around cities, and it is well-positioned to impact urban mobility significantly.

What Are Yulu Bikes?

Yulu bikes are electric-assisted bicycles that have been designed with safety, convenience, comfort, and sustainability in mind. The design is compact yet strong enough to handle urban landscapes. In addition, Yulu bikes can zip through narrow lanes and provide coverage for short distances that public transport can’t cover.

 “The cuteness of the product is not going to go away… We will also add a basket and a backseat so that people carry stuff.” -Amit Gupta, owner of Yulu

The electric-assisted bike comes with an in-built motor that helps overcome tough topographies easily with almost no effort from the user. It also increases the speed and range of travel significantly. And best of all – no carbon emissions!

Yulu Bikes are becoming increasingly popular in India and other cities around the world. Since its launch in 2017, Yulu has grown exponentially, with a network of over 18,000 Yulu Bikes currently spread across more than 30 cities. This impressive growth is fueled by a mission to make city commutes easier, faster, and more sustainable.

Yulu Products

The Yulu bike rent is at most Rs. 10 for 30 minutes and they are available in 5 variables, each with different specifications.

  1. Miracle GR
  2. DeX GR
  3. DeX NV
  4. Miracle CT
  5. Move

The Benefit of Using Yulu Bikes for Short Distance Travel

Having launched in 2017, Yulu Bikes has its services available across 10 cities and continues to expand rapidly. Its mission is to provide affordable access to reliable transport solutions. Yulu Bikes are used across multiple areas, from educational institutions and tech parks to railway stations and upcoming metro lines.

Using Yulu Bikes is not only easy but also incredibly affordable. Each ride for the first 20 minutes is priced at just 5 rupees in selected cities. Its unmatched affordability makes it suitable for everyone including students and those looking for an economical option for short-distance travel.

It is clear that with its convenience factor, low cost and eco-friendly nature, Yulu Bikes are providing people with a service that helps reduce traffic congestion while promoting a healthier lifestyle at the same time.

Get to Know the Yulu Partners

Global mobility company Yulu is transforming urban transportation by providing the citizens of India with a micro-mobility system consisting of electric vehicles. Yulu is actively working with local governments and institutions in India to make their vision a reality. The company’s partners include:

  1. National Institute of Design (NID): NID is collaborating with Yulu on designing futuristic bikes that are highly ergonomic, durable, safe and easy to use.
  2. IIM Bangalore: This partnership enables Yulu’s research & development team to develop innovative solutions for their operations using the insights from IIM Bangalore students.
  3. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL): BMRCL provided Yulu with necessary infrastructure support in setting up their first rental station at MG road station & also introduced an integrated ticketing system between BMTC & Yulu for commuters who take the bus for part of their journey & then switch to a shared bike for the rest.
  4. Zomato: Yulu – Zomato partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion by promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation. Yulu will provide its electric scooters, while Zomato will integrate the Yulu app into its platform, allowing delivery executives to rent the scooters for deliveries. The service is currently available in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai
  5. Bajaj: Bajaj Auto launched two new electric two-wheelers in India. The vehicles are designed for short intra-city trips and will be available for rent through the Yulu app.
  6. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC): DMRC has partnered with Yulu, a bike-sharing app, to provide last-mile connectivity to metro commuters. Yulu electric bikes will be stationed at select metro stations to allow passengers to easily travel to their final destination. This partnership aims to reduce congestion on the roads and promote eco-friendly transportation options.


Yulu bikes are changing the way people move in the city. Born in the heart of India’s largest city by a team of passionate engineers, these electric bikes offer an electrifying solution to typical urban challenges. Moreover, they provide a clean, affordable, safe alternative to traffic and pollution. As a result, Yulu bikes are transforming how cities move sustainably, conveniently, and quickly – all while encouraging healthy habits among users.

Their bike-sharing system, which is easy to use, no-cost, and accessible to all, provides an efficient alternative to traditional modes of transportation. Yulu’s success is a testament to smart, sustainable solutions that can help cities rise above pollution and traffic. And with the company’s continued partnership with local governments, businesses, and other organizations, Yulu is sure to make a lasting impact on our cities.

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