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Here’s how Madame and Shoppers Stop celebrated motherhood on May 9



Several brands from across the country launched innovative advertising campaigns on May 9 to celebrate motherhood and pay a tribute to all the mothers out there. Here’s a look at how fashion businesses in India, like Shoppers Stop and Madame honoured the role of mothers in every individual’s life.


Sometimes, people don’t realise how much their mothers have done for them until they become a parent themselves, isn’t it? This is exactly what clothing and accessories brand Madame has sought to convey through its new promo launched on Mother’s Day.

The video features a young lady writing a letter to her mother, as her own daughter plays in the balcony. She is then reminded of how her mother has always loved and cared for her and made life so easy and beautiful. The one-odd minute video reminds us of the everlasting impact mothers leave on our lives and the way they have nurtured us into the persons that we have become today.

Shoppers Stop

Parents are the first teachers in our lives and Shoppers Stop has depicted it beautifully through its short film launched on Mother’s Day. From dressing us up to make us look the best and teaching us how to apply makeup, to helping us bake our first cake, the film narrates the story of how mothers are our first teachers and cheerleaders. It reminds us of all the sacrifices they have made to put our needs first.

In a nutshell, Shoppers Stop’s digital campaign titled #MyFirstLove is a token of gratitude and appreciation to all the mothers who have selflessly gone out of their way to make their children’s first milestones special and memorable.

While there is no denying the fact that every day is a Mother’s Day, falling on the second Sunday of May every year, it is exclusively about celebrating, honouring and appreciating motherhood and these brands have rightly done so.


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