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Enchantd by Namohindiya – Scented Candles that spell calm and luxury



Has it been a long day and your body and soul crave rejuvenation? What better way than to bask in the warm glow of scented candles that smell divine, look aesthetically pleasing, and linger on for hours after!

Enchantd, a brainchild of the named company NamohIndiya at Prayers Ensemble Group, owned by Pooja Goela, has pioneered in making scented candles which are the most sought-after candles these days. A mainstay in homes, candles are also a tradition in many cultures, and even a luxury to treat yourself and others with. Otherwise only burnt in churches and on festivals, the scented candles trend has peaked now more than ever, especially at a time when the country is troubled due to severe AQI and people are stressed either due to one thing or the other.

With stress prevailing in our lives, from dealing with annoying bosses to demoing jobs with deadlines, home chores, and family schedules where you never know the time throughout the day, is it possible to spend peaceful time and escape stress? Scented candles give you peaceful vibes and escape you from everyday distress. You can take a bath for 10 to 15 minutes, surrounded by scented candles to relieve stress. Alternatively, you can read a book or watch your favourite movie while settling up on the couch with a scented candle to find an escape. It is also scientifically proven that scented candles can impact the physiological effects of mood, stress, anxiety, working capacity and general mental health. Candles are becoming an integral part of self-care routines. High awareness about self-love and emotional well-being drives the utilization of scented candles in self-care routines as they create a calming and soothing effect.
Scented Candles - enchantd

Apart from the numerous, uncountable scientific reasons as to why scented candles are good for us, they are also synonymous with luxury. Earlier, only used to lighten up homes, candles now are essential luxury items being used for home décor. Using them at home is intended to enhance the aesthetics and fragrance of the room. They have a significant impact when used in the living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Scented candles are also appropriate gifts for a variety of events. These have turned into the perfect gifting choice for people, whether it be for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, or anniversary. However, with so many excellent options, it can occasionally be challenging to decide which one to go for. Due to its appealing aroma, people are also conflicted between keeping it for themselves or giving it as a gift.

Enchantd brings to you a selection of luxury scented candles that will brighten your home and, of course, your mood. With four different scents under its kitty, Enchantd is a top-tier brand that caters the best-scented candles. The four flavors, namely Zesty Kaffir Lime, pink Peony and Rose, Bamboo White Tea and Vanilla Bourbon are being liked by everyone who has got a whiff of them. Moreover, Each scent has its own properties according to aromatherapy practitioners. Ethereal fragrances poured in containers with the colors of majestic splendor and mesmerizing beauty, Enchantd Candles evoke a charm of nobility, transporting you to a visual poetry of a new era.

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