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What is the idea that helped grow Intuit as a brand? | Rajat Khare and beautiful coding



Rajat Khare intuit

Intuit is said to be among the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. They have a diverse portfolio that is focused on both the B2B sector as well as the B2C sector. We need to understand that Intuit became a brand name not just by applying the right marketing strategy but also by having the right offerings for its consumers.

Accounting has been the most challenging task for almost every human being on the planet and they made it easier. The products like Credit Karma, Quick books, Mint, and TurboTax have made life very easy for many individuals. Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Payroll are some offerings for their B2C clients.

With the help of these applications, you can track, manage and even modify all your financial requirements. All of these are possible in a single go. With the ease they provide, it can be said that their service is also commendable. We need to also understand what made this possible.

We have seen a time when coding was an alien language to many, but now in the current scenario, there are many coding languages. The world is moving fast and continuously towards AI and ML based technologies. So why do we need to write beautiful codes what importance does it bring to a community as a whole?

Rajat Khare of Intuit explained the beauty of having the codes written in perfect synchronization a few days back. The idea is right and gives a better direction for many people who have started to code.

There is always a problem that we need to solve and now it’s even easier with computer programs and software around. We need to acknowledge that with the growing diverse culture, it is getting even tougher for everyone to remain on the same page. This is a turning point and we need to set up a common benchmark for all.

Using an appropriate system to list all the necessary decisions, with appropriate details appended to all the codes. Anyone who reads it is able to comprehend all the codes with ease. As a result, it is now simple to explain the code and make modifications even when a team member is not available.

We all know that AI and ML are a revolution in terms of IT technology it has also helped us understand that many tasks would be automated. We need to have a united stand on writing codes not only as an organization but it would also to bring more clarity as a person.

There has been a continuous need of guiding many people in writing beautiful codes. We can understand that for now, it’s going to be very difficult to think of this idea as implementation as various people work on their codes, but organizations should focus on developing a habit.

Writing clear codes gives clarity to both a person and an organization, and that has helped in building a brand like Intuit. The focus of the company can be seen in its practices to become a world leader with its new ideas that can be implemented easily at all levels.

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