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Netflix Vs Amazon Prime | Which Streaming Service should you choose



The pandemic brought a dramatic change in the working of major industries across the globe. One of the industries in India which can be said to have experienced a landmark change in the entertainment industry The shutting down of the economy and a fall in the budget of producers forced the industry as well as the audience to move to online platforms commonly known as “Over The Top” or “OTT” platforms. One major advantage that OTT has is that unlike theatres, there is no pressure on a movie to perform well in the first few days or weeks

“The scale of people watching OTT across metros, Tier1, Tier-II cities, and smaller towns is fast equalizing and soon there won’t be any skew towards a particular geography”, said Sidharth Shakdher, EVP & CMO of one of the OTT platforms, Disney+ Hotstar.  As a result, many players want to benefit from the booming business. Netflix and Amazon Prime are two of the most popular OTT services available today. Both have excellent original material as well as a large collection of films and programs.

Users often get confused when choosing between the two platforms. There are various parameters that can decide which one is better for your usage. Here are a few pointers that may help you out!

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

Price Comparison

The cheapest Netflix subscription plan costs Rs.149 per month and allows for simultaneous viewing on up to two screens. Amazon Prime membership costs Rs.179 a month and includes two-day Prime delivery on Amazon goods, Prime Gaming benefits, Prime Reading and Prime Music, Amazon Photos and other Amazon services.

Quality of streaming

All the content available on Netflix can be played on 4K Ultra and HD whereas Amazon Prime just supports HD. This gives a slight edge to Netflix when it comes to the watching experience.


The Prime Video Library is massive, with over 24,000 films and 2,100 TV programmes to choose from. Netflix, on the other hand, has about 15,000 programs. However, size is not everything. The most well-known Hollywood films on Amazon are outdated, and many of the new ones did not receive much appreciation. Netflix also has a large library of kids specific programs.


The final choice depends on the user’s personal preference.  Viewers looking for cheap plans and value for money should go for Prime whereas for users wanting better streaming quality and content Netflix might be better.

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