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Navia Life Care empowering healthcare professionals with innovative technology



The pandemic has deepened the cracks existing in the healthcare system and tele-health has emerged as one of the few silver linings for people. One such health-tech start-up that has been turning heads in the recent times is Navia Life Care.

About Navia Life Care

A health-tech start-up founded in 2016 by Kunal Kishore Dhawan and Gaurav Gupta, Navia Life Care offers smart solutions to healthcare providers for improving clinical outcomes. It aims to address the major issue of information asymmetry prevailing in the healthcare sector – whether it is with regards to patients’ medical records or information about drug availability.

How the start-up came into existence

Navia Life Care is, in some ways, a product of personal experience. Both Kunal Kishore and Gaurav hail from families with chronic disease patients. This was one of the reasons that led them to start a healthcare company in 2016. However, prior to Navia, the duo had worked together on a couple of pharma consulting projects. While Kunal has worked at Fresenius and GSK, Gaurav used to work at Surabhi Foundation. In 2018, Nupur Khandelwal joined Navia as a co-founder.

Investment and business model

Navia Life Care acquired a seed funding of around $150k in 2018 followed by a corporate-round funding of $350k in 2020. Its list of investors include Benori Ventures, Google for Start-ups, Aptar and notable personalities in the investment sphere such as Sorabh Agarwal, Dr Rahul Verma and Mayank Mamtani.

Unlike the conventional healthcare providers, the health-tech company runs on a B2B business model that focuses on clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Today, it works with more than 5000 doctors and diagnostic firms across India and health-tech companies overseas as well. Its main objective is to streamline healthcare processes for doctors, patients and other stakeholders through technology.

“Patients face inconvenience for follow-up visits or smaller ailments – not every follow-up requires physical presence or a visit to the hospital. Remote consultations are the need of the hour,” says Kunal.

While Navia Life Care was founded in 2016, its tele-health services are being used more than ever before, amid the pandemic. Despite the two-sided pressure that health-tech start-ups have been going through in the recent times, Navia has been helping doctors and patients 24×7. It has created a Curated Panel of Expert Doctors on its app ‘Navia for Patients’ wherein patients can easily consult healthcare specialists through video consultation.

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