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Navigating the World of Online Mentoring: MyCaptain Vs Hero Vired



Mycaptain and Hero Vired are both online mentoring platforms where young achievers from across the globe mentor school and college students in their fields of interest and passions. While both companies offer similar services, factors such as course offerings and affordability play a crucial role.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of both service platforms | MyCaptain Vs Hero Vired

Founders of MyCaptain & Hero Vired

Mohammed Zeeshan founded MyCaptain in 2013 with his dynamic team consisting of Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Naqash, and Fatema Hussein. Their vision and collective efforts have propelled MyCaptain to success. The company has received funding from notable investors such as Inflection Point Ventures and Ankur Capita, contributing to its growth and development. The founders currently hold a significant ownership stake of 68.15% in MyCaptain, with an impressive net worth of INR 50.7Cr.

On the other hand, Hero Vired was established in 2020 by Akshay Munjal, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen and dedication to the online mentoring space. The platform has garnered investments from esteemed backers including Brij Mohan Lal Om Prakash, Suvam Partners, and BCIPL. The founders of Hero Vired maintain a 0.76% ownership stake, representing their commitment to the platform’s success, with a net worth of INR 3 Cr.

When considering the financial aspect, it is noteworthy that MyCaptain boasts a higher net worth compared to Hero Vired. This distinction reflects the cumulative value generated by MyCaptain’s growth and investor confidence, showcasing the platform’s strong position in the market.

Courses offered by Hero Vired & MyCaptain

MyCaptain stands out with its extensive range of courses, encompassing over 35 offerings across four main categories: technology, business, creatives, and pro courses. This diverse selection ensures that learners can explore various fields and choose what fits them best. On the other hand, Hero Vired offers a more focused approach, providing seven courses with durations ranging from 3 to 12 months. These courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific areas.

Fee structure of MyCaptain & Hero Vired

Affordability is a crucial consideration for students seeking online mentorship. MyCaptain adopts a student-friendly approach, granting access to all their courses for a fixed fee of ten thousand rupees. Additionally, the platform offers free live sessions, further enhancing the value for learners. In contrast, Hero Vired follows a different pricing structure. Their courses range from two lakhs fifty thousand to four lakhs twenty-five thousand, with options for EMI and one-time payments. The higher cost of Hero Vired’s courses may cater to individuals seeking comprehensive, industry-oriented programs.

Placements opportunities offered by MyCaptain & Hero Vired

In terms of placement outcomes, both MyCaptain and Hero Vired have achieved commendable results. MyCaptain has successfully guided over 2000 students to become industry-ready, particularly in the domains of Marketing, Design, and Content. The highest annual package secured by MyCaptain students stands at 10 lakhs, with an average package of 4.6 lakhs. With a placement rate of 100% in previous years, MyCaptain alumni have secured positions in renowned companies such as OLA, Swiggy, Flipkart, and Deloitte.

On the other hand, Hero Vired has also achieved a remarkable 100% placement rate for its students. Graduates of Hero Vired have secured positions in prominent organizations like Amazon, Walmart, Infosys, and Citibank. The highest annual package attained by Hero Vired students reaches an impressive 1.5 crores, with an average package of 69 lakhs per annum. It is noteworthy that Hero Vired’s average package surpasses even the highest package offered by MyCaptain.


Ultimately, the choice between MyCaptain and Hero Vired depends on individual preferences and budget considerations. MyCaptain’s affordability and diverse course catalog make it an attractive option for students looking to explore multiple disciplines and broaden their horizons. Meanwhile, Hero Vired’s higher-priced courses offer specialized expertise and industry-oriented programs for ambitious learners. Both platforms have their strengths, and selecting the right one depends on aligning personal goals, budgets, and desired outcomes.

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