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MIT-incubated DaytoDay Health extends its digital solutions for covid-19 patients



DaytoDay Health, that has been offering pre and post-surgery care through technology to patients, has customised its platform to now give patients continuous care for covid-19 symptoms as well. The platform is being rolled out to hospitals across India and it has recently partnered with OMNI Hospitals, Hyderabad. DaytoDay Health is a health-tech start-up incubated by MIT in 2018. Through its digital healthcare platform, doctors can now monitor and keep track of their patient’s health conditions daily. Based on the heaps of vital information available on the platform, they can also connect with their patients virtually.

With mental health being a priority especially amid the pandemic, the company has also taken it into consideration. “Our covid-19 care platform acts like a mini-clinic that allows patients a seamless delivery of healthcare including mental wellbeing and counselling,” said Rajiv Misra, president, Asia Pacific, DaytoDay Health. He added that several hospitals have been approaching them to help them in management of those patients who are under home or institutional quarantine.

Besides these, the digital platform of DaytoDay Health also helps doctors in treating patients for joint replacement, cardiac, oncology and urology surgeries. In fact, Boston Medical Center, USA, has been using it for treatment of liver cirrhosis. The start-up is seeking to cover more disease areas in the coming time.

Currently, it operates a tech team in Bengaluru and is further planning to open its operations in Hyderabad as well. In addition to this, it is also expanding in the key markets soon. To bring its service to a maximum number of people, it has been working on the language feature of its platform and can today be accessed in five different Indian languages.

Having served over 4000 patients, amid the pandemic, the company added around 4000 more patients suffering from covid-19. Besides India, it has its presence in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Italy and Spain.


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