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#MeriBetiStrong initiative by Clinic Plus encourages mothers to raise strong daughters



Mothers play a pivotal role in raising their daughters into strong individuals. Recognizing the same, Clinic Plus in association with Ogilvy India conceptualized and launched a heartening #MeriBetiStrong campaign to celebrate their relationship on Daughter’s Day. The campaign is based on empowering daughters in formative years.

Mothers are always the first teacher of a child as value system is inculcated into the child by them. In today’s scenario, it is significant for mothers to raise a child without societal odds instead of distressing over traditional norms. The latest campaign of Hindustan Unilever’s Clinic Plus #MeriBetiStrong addresses to transform society rooted with patriarchy.

The campaign aims to instigate meaningful and productive conversations about strengthening daughters in their formative years. Through this initiative, the brand urges mothers to set the right foundation for her child so she can realize her potential in future. The video in the campaign shows how mothers across different cultures and backgrounds use their maximum potential and experience to develop strong foundation for daughters and encourage them to grow as an independent individual.

A spokesperson of HUL said, “We are positive that every small push in the right direction will go a long way in changing the way our country raises its daughters. The pan-India presence of the brand will help in spreading the message across geographies.”

Clinic Plus, which lays emphasis on hair strength,, has initiated the narrative to raising strong girls but the depiction is not physical strength. As a hair care brand, it supplies strength to your hair from root to tip and believes that mothers can put strong foundation to every girl today for a bright future.

Anurag Agnihotri, ECD, Ogilvy India (West), said, “Every mother that has seen this ad has found it representative of what she feels. For us, that is the impact we wanted and nothing more”.

However, understanding the importance of daughter’s formative years, a number of other campaigns are also launched by different brands to generate awareness.


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