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M3M India: Crafting Architectural Marvels and Changing the Skylines of Gurugram



M3M India: In India’s booming real estate landscape, M3M India has carved a unique niche for itself through its flair for crafting opulent residential and commercial enclaves. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the real estate group has emerged as an industry leader within two decades of its inception.

M3M India: Genesis of the Enterprise 

Founded in 2010, M3M India has rapidly emerged as a leading real estate developer in the country under the leadership of Founder Chairman Basant Bansal and the support of promoters Roop Bansal and Pankaj Bansal. The company’s impressive growth has been fuelled by strong corporate ethics, transparency, dedication, and passion. The foundation of M3M was laid by Basant Bansal on the principle that – “Every square foot of space that we sell, the benefit of it should also go to the weaker and deprived of the society. Our business should build a life of dignity for the needy section of society.”

M3M India‘s projects create thousands of jobs and livelihood opportunities. Each project employs around 5,000 individuals in various roles, contributing significantly to job creation and skill development in the real estate sector. With the motto of ‘Think Big’, Basant Bansal envisioned M3M as a creator of buildings and spaces that would set new benchmarks in design, aesthetics, and sustainability.

M3M India: Key Projects and Milestones 

With nearly 50 completed projects in Gurugram alone, M3M has an impressive track record of timely delivery. The company has successfully delivered all projects launched before 2019 as per schedule. Construction continues at a rapid pace across its current projects, which are on track for on-time completion as well. M3M India‘s portfolio includes approximately 30 million square feet of saleable space, underscoring its position as a leading developer in the region. The company’s consistent execution and reliability in handing over projects on time have been key to its growth.

‘Magnificence in the Trinity of Men, Materials, and Money’ -True to its name, M3M has consistently delivered magnificence by synergizing expertise, high-quality resources, and prudent finances.

M3M Golf Estate launched in 2010 is widely considered the company’s flagship development and is renowned as the largest luxury condominium project in Gurgaon. M3M Merlin, M3M Marina, Antalya Hills & M3M Polo Suites are some other notable residential projects.

On the commercial front, M3M has developed office spaces, IT parks, and retail destinations like M3M Urbana, M3M IFC and M3M Route65. 

Aligned with its vision to create unique developments, M3M India is constructing an ultra-luxury residential enclave and a one-of-a-kind one-kilometre retail and commercial complex along Dwarka Expressway. Branded as “M3M Smart City Delhi Airport“, this destination aims to set a new benchmark in integrated mega-projects near the airport.

The Stellar Growth Trajectory 

M3M India achieved tremendous sales success in the fiscal year 2023, registering its highest-ever annual sales of Rs. 13,000 crores. In FY 2022, the company sold over 4,000 units in the residential and commercial segment, and in FY2023, the company set a record by selling 6,380 units. The company also sold a record 10 million square feet of space in FY’23.

M3M India: Awards and Accolades

Some of the key awards and honors conferred upon M3M India include:

1.  ET Realty Award for Best Commercial Project (Mixed Use) awarded to M3M 65th Avenue

2. ‘Residential Property of the Year, North’ & ‘Luxury Project of the Year’ awarded to M3M Solitude 

3. ‘Commercial Project of the Year 2021’ for M3M Corner Walk by Business Excellence

4. ‘Best Commercial Project of the Year’ for M3M IFC at National Awards 2021

With an unwavering commitment to timely delivery, superior construction quality, and customer-centric business practices, M3M has emerged as one of the most reliable brands in Indian real estate. Led by the enterprising vision of Basant Bansal, Roop Bansal, and Pankaj Bansal, M3M India is well-positioned to continue playing a leading role in building futuristic urban communities.

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