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Levi’s® seeks to connect with Gen Z consumers by tying up with Bitmoji and Snapchat



American clothing brand Levi’s has recently partnered with Snapchat and Bitmoji in its bid to connect with its Gen Z consumers in the digital world. Snapchatters and Bitmoji users can now dress their personal avatars in their preferred looks from the jeans-wear brand. They can further customise their looks in several other ways. The collection features the timeless Levi’s® pieces such as the 501® Originals, trucker jackets and shirts in multiple colours.

From Snapchat app, what users have to do is tap on their profile in the top-left corner and under ‘Bitmoji’, tap ‘Change Outfit’. They will be directly taken to the Bitmoji fashion wardrobe where they can access the featured styles of Levi’s and separately select and customise their looks. For Bitmoji app users, simply by tapping on the fashion icon, they will be directed to the wardrobe. In the bottom navigation bar, icons for additional pieces such as tops, bottoms, outerwear and footwear are available.

With Bitmoji and Snapchat gaining ground among the Gen Z’ers, the move by Levi’s has come off as an endeavour to connect with its consumers digitally. “We’re pleased to bring together the world’s most loved avatar with one of the world’s go-to denim brands in this exciting partnership,” said John Imah, Snapchat’s Head of Games and Entertainment Partnerships. Besides Levi’s, Bitmoji’s recent partnerships within the fashion space include Jordan and Ralph Lauren.

Levi’s’ parent company Levis Strauss faced a major downfall amid the pandemic with two straight quarters of double-digit decline in sales. Thus, to ramp up its sales, it has been making tremendous efforts across the online platforms. The recent association with Snapchat and Bitmoji has possibly come off as one of its sales endeavours.



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