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The essence of Coconut brought closer to you by Laurik’s Co-Founders



What is Laurik and why do we all need it?

Founded in 2021, Laurik is a Hyderabad-based D2C nutraceutical start-up headed by Lavanya Sunkari and Archana Chindam, two leading women entrepreneurs visualizing to resolve hair and skin problems with the gifts of nature. Together, the Laurik’s Co-Founders came up with the idea of providing various health shots tailored for haircare and skincare. This start-up had raised INR37 million in its initial funding round during its ideation stage in April 2022 and $50.8K in December 2022. The company’s valuation stood at $4.2 million on Dec 21, 2022.

Laurik is the world’s 1st lauric-enhanced coconut health nutrition brand to unlock your potential with good nutrition. It is a wellness and fitness provider that curates products based on its aim to focus on every human’s bodily and wellness needs. The basic tenet that “food is medicine” guided Laurik’s creation. The brand’s core lies in the unlimited health benefits of coconut, also serving as a main ingredient in the religious events of devout people since older generations because of its purity. Coconut is the only fruit that is rich in Lauric. As a result, Lauric contains many health benefits, such as healthy skin and hair.

Laurik’s Co-founders and their belief

Lavanya Sunkari is a marketing expert who pursued multiple courses in nutrition at Harvard, Stanford, and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), after she realized her niche in the human body and nutrition. On the other side, Archana Chindam is a serial Food and Agritech entrepreneur passionate about improving health through better nutrition. The Laurik’s co-founders count on the key to good health hidden within nature and its natural products.

What is a Laurik shot?

Laurik shot is enriched with coconut lauric, known to have the same goodness as lauric from mother’s milk. Laurik products such as laurik shots and lauric tablets for hair, skin, health, wellness, and weight loss are entirely organic and natural, and have no side effects, a fact backed by science. The ingredients include natural food extracts and have shown actual results to the users. The consumption of the laurik shots is as easy to go with water, milk, or food any time during the day.

One laurik shot is a combination of over 26 whole food-sourced vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and probiotics combined with the lauric acid extracted from the coconut.

Why does Laurik prefer shots to vitamin pills?

According to science, Lavanya trusts that the absorption level and bioavailability of minerals, vitamins, or micronutrients are much lesser when consumed as a pill than in food. The shots, therefore, are made employing Ayurvedic concepts and have been developed after two years of extensive scientific research by scientists globally.

Brand’s market breakthrough and scope

The brand name ‘Laurik’ sounds similar to the vital element ‘Lauric,’ which is present in coconut. It is the world’s first brand to develop lauric shots for bodily needs and aiding concerns related to health and wellness. The brand is specific to incorporating lauric as a significant ingredient and other natural ingredients in their products, focusing on good health and wellness.

The brand claims that its Scientific Advisory Board (S.A.B.) is a kaleidoscopic mix of the brightest leaders in functional, integrative, and holistic medicine space. The International Trade Administration released a report in 2020 that stated that the nutraceuticals market in India is expected to grow from $4 billion to $ 18 billion by the end of 2025. On the other hand, the nutraceutical industry of India will hold at least 3.5% of the global market share.

It has successfully served more than 7 lakh people worldwide. Social media represents a good image of the brand in the market. The booming users and their opinions reflect the brand’s reputation. The brand looks forward to its ambition of empowering people to invest in a healthier lifestyle by catering to them with a comprehensive blend of ingredients with well-researched benefits. The firm plans to launch its products across other e-commerce platforms and locally. The expansion of its product lines will come along.

Brand’s achievements and certifications

The Clean Label Project has recognized the entity as one of the few companies in the world for creating clean products. This gave a certified validation to the brand’s mission to unlock the power of nature with exceptional innovation to make products that are healthier and safer for daily consumption. The Telangana government and T-Hub also acknowledged Laurik’s innovative idea after awarding the firm a grant through the T-Fund program.

The products and new launches

The brand has laurik shots categorized as hair, skin, collagen booster, and anti-aging shots. In addition, the brand has recently added laurik bites to its pool of existing products, which promises to cater to the three vital elements in human life, gut, sleep and focus.

“Generally, in the nutraceutical segment, if a natural and organic product, it might not be a delicious product. But we have a tasty product. For instance, everyone knows that wheatgrass is good for health and that we should consume it regularly. But no one continues in the long run because we Indians are very taste-sensitive,” says Lavanya. As per Lavanya, natural products are not supposed to taste good. Indian consumers have fancy taste buds and like products that must taste good in the mouth.

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