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InterGlobe Enterprise Prepares to Take Taxis off Ground via Aviation Archer
Indigo's parent company, InterGlobe Enterprises, partnered with Archer Aviation to launch an electric air taxi service in India by 2026, with Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru being the focus cities.



In a recent development, the Indian aviation giant Indigo Airlines partnered with its American counterpart, Aviation Archer, to launch and operate a fully electric air taxi service in India. While expressing his enthusiasm about the new venture, the General Managing Director of InterGlobe Enterprises, Rahul Bhatia, stated how Indigo Airlines has provided millions of Indians with safe, efficient and affordable air transportation. Keeping in mind the service they have provided the country for over a decade, the partnership with Aviation Archer will be a step towards creating an effective, futuristic and sustainable transportation solution that the country needs.


InterGlobe Enterprises is a travel and hospitality conglomerate that owns nearly 38 per cent of IndiGo, India’s largest and most profitable airline. InterGlobe also has interests in hospitality, real estate, education, and logistics. InterGlobe will finance the purchase of up to 200 Archer’s “Midnight” aircraft, which can carry four passengers and a pilot for up to 100 miles. InterGlobe will also work with domestic businesses to operate the aircraft, build vertiport infrastructure and train pilots.


The ‘Midnight’ traveller: All about the new eco-friendly taxi

InterGlobe Enterprises, in collaboration with Archer Aviation, is set to introduce the ‘Midnight’ traveller, an eco-friendly taxi that promises to transform urban commuting. The ambitious goal is to transport passengers from Connaught Place in Delhi to Gurugram in Haryana in just 7 minutes, significantly contrasting to the 60-90 minutes typically required for the 27-kilometer road journey.

This initiative represents a remarkable shift in urban mobility, prioritizing efficiency and sustainability. The collaborative efforts between InterGlobe Enterprises and Archer Aviation aim to provide a sophisticated and forward-thinking solution to the challenges of urban transportation, offering a more time-efficient and environmentally conscious alternative.


Archer Aviation: Pioneering Air Travel across the Globe

Archer Aviation is a California-based start-up backed by global aviation front runners such as the Chrysler-parent Stellantis, Boeing and United Airlines. Archer primarily manufactures eVTOL aircraft, which it proudly advertises as the future of urban air mobility. Archer has already secured a $142 million deal with the US Air Force and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office to launch its service in the UAE in 2026, thus expanding its presence in the Middle East aviation sector.


What does this partnership mean for the world’s most populous country?

The partnership between InterGlobe and Archer that plans to introduce electric air taxis in India by 2026 holds significant implications for the country. It’s the transformative solution to India’s problem of massive traffic congestion, offering a cleaner and more efficient mode of transportation. The launch of air taxis perfectly parallels the global environmental goal of reducing the rising levels of carbon emissions in densely populated urban areas.

This deal will enhance geographical connectivity, help bridge the urban-rural gaps and promote regional development. India has solidified its role as an attractive destination for investments in aviation and electric vehicle industries. It’s crucial to successfully implement this project as it effectively reshapes public perception about cutting-edge technologies and having an open mind set towards such changes.

Electric air taxi service is an innovative and promising transport solution that can transform India’s traffic congestion scene. The partnership between InterGlobe and Archer is a bold and visionary step that can bring this solution closer to reality. However, the success of this venture will depend on how well the partners can overcome the challenges and leverage the opportunities in the Indian market.

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