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Holi 2021: Top ads that made a splash on the internet



With many people opting for at-home celebrations, the razzmatazz of Holi was rather muted this year for the greater good. For those who might have thought otherwise, brands from all walks of life had launched campaigns in their efforts to raise awareness.

Talk about ad campaigns and Surf Excel has always topped the charts. This Holi, the brand took the idea of a campaign to another level. Keeping its brand proposition – ‘Daag Achhe Hain’ intact, it continued to showcase how colours can be a medium of ‘togetherness’ and help bridge emotional distance, despite the physical distance that everyone is maintaining.

Hailing from a completely different industry is Bajaj Allianz that has brought Ayushmann Khurrana, its brand ambassador on board to throw light on its #BuraNaMano Holi campaign. Through a one-minute video, the insurance company put forth the message of celebrating diversity in thoughts and perspectives around us. Just like the fact that the different hues make Holi celebration magical and beautiful, it is the difference in our ideas and thoughts that makes us a diverse yet collective unit.

To explain it further, Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life said, “The campaign reflects on widely prevalent behaviour about strong resistance to engage divergent views quite evident on WhatsApp groups, social media or even family dinner table. #BuraNaMano campaign celebrates the power of co-existence of contrasting views, which enable us to find creative solutions for our collective life goals.”

Doing something different from what it usually does, this year, Kansai Nerolac Paints encouraged people to celebrate the festival of colours at home without having to worry about the stains on their walls. Reason? Its paints will always be at their disposal.

With Holi already gone, here’s to a cheerful spring and hopefully, the onset of the new season indicates the blossoming of love and friendship in all of your lives.

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