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Heartwarming Campaigns Launched by Brands this Father’s Day



Brands across India launched heartfelt campaigns around International Father’s Day which are celebrated annually on the 3rd Sunday of June. The campaigns which centered on the theme of the ongoing pandemic focused on how the situation has strengthened the relationship between a father and his child during these challenging times.

Dhara, an edible oil brand for instance, through their Father’s Day special digital film, showcased the joy of a father on being called a “Papa” for the first time by his newly adopted daughter.  The sentimental campaign sought to promote the adoption of children who have lost their parents to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Louise Philippe on the other hand, through its #ThanksDad campaign, put to flight the special father-child bond. The brand also spoke about how the pandemic has reversed the roles between the two, with children taking care of their fathers during these testing times. The sixty-second campaign stars young professionals expressing gratitude for being raised right by their fathers while voicing their opinions on taking care of them in the pandemic situation.

IDFC Mutual Funds, addressing the misinformation issue related to the pandemic, highlighted how fathers make their children take the right life decisions and help them become responsible. The Father’s Day campaign by this brand included an animated video that showed a father helping his daughter not to believe in sensational news and false forwarded messages. The father guides her daughter to utilize the lockdown for planning out financial goals in life and follow an exercise routine.

“Responsible investing is essential. We believe fathers can really inspire this emotion and encourage their kids to start right now and invest responsibly,” said Vice-President (marketing), IDFC Mutual Fund, Jignesh Dawda.

Meanwhile, TVS Srichakra Limited in its Father’s Day ‘Turn it around’ campaign chose to focus on the very pertinent situation that children are facing due to Covid-19. The short film portrayed a father lifting her daughter’s mood by taking her for a drive, in order to beat the lockdown blues. The campaign struck a sensitive chord with everybody by showing how fathers managed to make their children smile, despite the lockdown restrictions.


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