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Equitable Holdings: NY’s Veteran financial advisors



Equitable Holdings is a New York-based holding company that offers a variety of services to people as well as companies in order to maintain their financial health. Founded in 1859 by Henry B. Hyde, it is counted amongst veteran financial advisors across the globe with over five million client relationships and assets under management worth $646 billion. Currently, the firm is led by Mark Pearson, CEO, and Jeffrey Joy Hurd (COO).

Flagship Services

Equitable Holdings specializes in financial services associated with retirement, investment, and protection. It has two principal franchises: AllianceBernstein and Equitable.

  • They offer three plans for retirement: 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b), which can be selected as per the individual’s profession, savings expectation, and expected pension.
  • Similarly, life insurance has three plans namely Variable, Term, and Indexed universal. These products are customized according to different years, minimum premium amount, and the specific purpose for insurance. For instance, Indexed Universal allows customers to determine the timing and weight of premium payment.
  • For investment advise, people can schedule an appointment with Equitable Holdings or use their website. An individual can meet his nearest finance professional based on the city or state.
  • These professionals help the public understand the value of their assets, outstanding loan payments, possible earning options, and suggest new strategies over time as investment is all about dynamism.

Equitable Foundation

Equitable Foundation enables the company to give back to society in the form of various philanthropic activities. Annually, the foundation offers Equitable Excellence Scholarship up to $25,000 for high-school students with exceptional contributions to schools. This has benefitted over 6,000 students since its beginning in 2003.

Furthermore, employees and company professionals are encouraged to participate in community projects throughout the year, which is further empowered by financial grants. According to company data, 2,800 employees spent nearly 7,000 hours for community service. Equitable Foundation is also an official member of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program.




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