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Driven by innovation and customer centricity, here’s how these two companies carved out a niche for themselves in realty market



The Indian real estate market has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times with rising demand for both residential and commercial spaces. However, the outbreak of covid-19 has gravely impacted the real estate market, and any positive predictions that have been made before the pandemic, now stand retracted. With the situation uncertain at this point in time, it becomes imperative that organizations don’t wait for the market trend to change but instead seek ways to keep their operations running and keep business afloat.

Among the real estate companies that are doing so are Studiokon Ventures and Gulshan Homz that are innovating in their own way to keep customers satisfied even amid the pandemic. Moreover, it is not just their way of coping with the cx but their genesis and growth in the market that is inspiring for the emerging realty companies as well.

From funding his own education, with only around Rs 22,000 in his pocket and a part-time gig at an architectural firm, to landing a job at DLF and then later establishing Studiokon Ventures in 2009, the journey of Tushar Mittal is no less than an inspiration. The initial phases were tough with no investors and no external funding but today, it has been offering turnkey interior solutions for over 200 offices for clients like Amazon, Google, British Council, Adidas, etc.

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The sectors that SKV caters to include corporate, retail, and hospitality. As a brand, it stands committed to offering the best quality services by adhering to the best business practices in every sense of the term. Its superlative quality, competitive price, and timely delivery of projects have made it one of the most-touted commercial realty developers in India and gain recognition across the globe. Amid the pandemic, the company has been working on business strategies to overcome issues which mainly include financial stress and gearing up for what is yet to come by developing asset-like models and embracing technology more.

On the other hand, we have Gulshan Homz, the journey of which dates back to 1989 in East Delhi. After over 3 decades since its inception, the company has carved out a niche for itself in the luxury residential market. However, when most of the business operations of most companies have been derailed amid the pandemic, Gulshan Homz spared no effort in turning the tides for itself. When social distancing has become the new normal, the company has been staying connected with its customers digitally by giving them virtual tours of the housing projects.

From driving auto-rickshaw, conducting tuition classes to selling medicines, Gulshan Nagpal, founder of Gulshan Homz, had worked a series of odd jobs and who would have thought that few decades down the lane, he would make a prominent name for himself in the real estate market, especially among the well-heeled clients. This can be owed to his strong will and hard work as well as the four pillars that his company strongly abides by – innovation, inspiration, collaboration, and creation.



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