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COVID-19 pandemic: How Indian consumer brands can revive during these difficult times



Times of crisis looms over the world as pandemic Coronavirus continues to stump commoners and global leaders alike. With over 59,949 deaths, the virus has caused a sense of uncertainty and has turned out to be the testing time for human spirit and resilience. Though, the Indian government imposed a nationwide lockdown much before the country could enter the Stage-3, the recent rise in the number of cases is both alarming and unprecedented.

Many businesses are faced with a heavy impact and going beyond what is generic or normal, new thinking and approach could help them revive during these difficult times. Articulating a carefully organized and authentic brand purpose to cut through the panic is critical now. It is important for the brands to exude unique attributes and maintaining distinct values your brand is built on becoming even more imperative.

Can going sustainable help brands revive themselves?

Building in more sustainable packaging practices into the production lines could foster a much-needed drive towards a sustainable future and add an existential value to the brand. Applying a different spin, repositioning the existing initiative into something more equitable and ethical could help the brands sail through this phase.

Though consumers are observing the lockdown and maintaining social distancing in India, they still need to buy necessities as it is not possible to keep a stock of everything at home. Therefore, there is always an opportunity for household brands to be creative and introduce campaigns that are optimistic, selfless. Brands are required to consistently measure impact and act decisively and maybe they can find a way through the storm.

High impact at low cost can be achieved by introducing seasonal offerings, value adds, extra in-pack value, particularly at times when budgets are under threat.


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