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CoinDCX- India’s Simplified Cryptocurrency Investment Platform



CoinDCX is a simplified Cryptocurrency Investment Platform that allows users to invest in multiple altcoins, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc., with zero fees legally. CoinDCX has made it convenient for people to buy, sell, send, receive and store cryptocurrencies.

The world is buzzing with the growing evolution of new virtual currency markets. But, as the cryptocurrency market is definitely enjoying the boost it requires, much other exchange and trading apps are mushrooming across the digital space. Having too many options, investors want to ensure they download only a safer investment app. If you are perplexed whether CoinDCX is the investment app to bank upon, then here’s all the information to clear your doubts.

Is CoinDCX a reliable app in India?

The investors are wondering if the CoinDCX app is the one to go for. If numerous online broker comparison sites are anything to go by, CoinDCX apps are certified as safe to use applications. It implies that the money or any type of investment performed on this platform will not get hacked or fall prey to a scam.

This Indian crypto exchange and trading organization has been co-founded by CEO Sumit Gupta. The Organization currently entails tow applications like CoinDCX Go and CoinDCX Pro.  CoinDCX Go is a cryptocurrency app which has over 500k downloads and CoinDCX Pro is a Cryptocurrency Exchange app with over 100k downloads.  Users are required to fulfill the KYC registration process while using the application.

CoinDCX Go app features:

  • Secure and simplified withdrawal and deposit of INR funds with zero fee
  • An interactive user-friendly interface for the newly arrived cryptocurrency investors
  • Fast cryptocurrency investment dashboard to help tracing your investment portfolio.
  • Simple bitcoin app to purchase cryptocurrency investors
  • A feature called ‘Price Alerts’ to check cryptocurrencies such as INR to BTC and vice-versa.
  • A hassle-free KYC process for investments above INR Rs. 10,000

Coin DCX Pro features:

  • Zero withdrawal and deposit fees on your crypto funds.
  • Industry-led crypto trading products made accessible through a single secure crypto wallet.
  • Intuitive crypto dashboard allows users to trace their crypto portfolio.
  • Strict security on user accounts and assured safety of funds insured by BitGo

While selecting a crypto exchange, the biggest concern for new crypto investors is the fees charged for transactions. Considering this, CoinDCX has a minimal exchange fee. The platform charges a 0.1 per cent makers fee and 0.1 takers fee. Additionally, Coin DXC app offers lots of helpful features like DCXfutures, DCXMargin and DCXstake. These features are not available in most Indian applications.

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