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Brand Analysis of Loginworks Softwares, an emerging analytics company



The analytics industry of India has grown tremendously over the recent years and today, the market is no longer restricted to MNCs, ITs and banking and finance sectors only. Firms across various sectors – from FMCG companies to construction and transportation, are increasingly embracing analytics, owing to its extensive capabilities to analyse, predict and prescribe. However, with the advancement in technology comes the inevitable IT-related challenges and complications and this is why Loginworks Softwares was set up.

Brand Overview

Established in 2006 by Mr Dheeraj Juneja, Loginworks Softwares is headquartered in Ghaziabad, Delhi that offers end-to-end IT solutions to its clients.  The range of services that it offers include data mining, software development, product management, etc. Having served clients across India as well as globally, the company made its formal presence in the market in the year 2010 with the launch of their flagship product TaskTrek.

There are several IT companies in the market today offering similar services, however, through TaskTrek, Loginworks Softwares seeks to stand out from the rest. The product facilitates effective management of communications modelled around e-mails and documents. “With the information overload hounding us these days, we need to cut the clutter and we feel that filtering e-mails into not just folders but task-oriented folders for managing work is how TaskTrek will combat such issues,” said Dheeraj, who is also the company’s CEO.

Customer Analysis

Loginworks Softwares is not restricted to a specific sector; its customer base spans across e-commerce, real estate, transportation, automobile and finance industry. Moreover, its wide-ranging services give them an upper hand in roping in more clients, helping them generate leads, ensure secure communication and reach new business heights.

With lots of new IT companies coming up, it becomes imperative for customers to check the credibility before opting for any one of their services so they don’t get deceived. Thus, when it comes to Loginworks Softwares, we believe that this company is something you can rely on. Based on our research, some of the clients it has served include University of Georgia, Smartlytics Consultancy, Tutor League, etc and this testifies its overall credibility. “Loginworks was on top of communication, one of our communication methods didn’t work but they were fast to adapt,” said one of their happy customers.

We looked into the company’s employee ratings and they are quite impressive too with an average of four. Even though there are employees who have given ratings as low as one but the majority wins over them. On a conclusive note, we haven’t found any major fault on part of the company in any sense against its customers as well as employees.


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