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Amazon’s AI Ready: Unlocking the Power of AI
Amazon Aws: Amazon's AI Ready



Amazon’s AI Ready: In a bold move to democratize access to artificial intelligence (AI) education, Amazon is unveiling its ambitious “Amazon AI Ready” initiative to provide free AI skills training to two million people worldwide by 2025. The initiative comes on the heels of a new study by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and research firm Access Partnership, revealing the soaring demand for AI talent and the potential for workers with AI skills to earn up to 47% more in salaries.

Addressing the Talent Gap: The Urgency of AI Education

In an era where AI is the most transformative technology, Amazon recognizes the imperative to unlock its full potential to address the world’s most pressing challenges. To achieve this, the “AI Ready” initiative is designed to make AI education accessible to anyone desiring to learn, breaking down the barriers that hinder acquiring these critical skills.

Amazon’s AI Ready: The Three Pillars of “AI Ready”

The “Amazon AI Ready” initiative rests on three pillars:

  1. Free AI and Generative AI Courses: Amazon is rolling out eight new and free AI and generative AI courses catering to a diverse audience. From foundational to advanced, these courses are tailored for business leaders and technologists, ensuring inclusivity in the learning journey.
  2. AWS Generative AI Scholarship: With over $12 million commitment, AWS is providing Udacity scholarships to more than 50,000 high school and university students globally. This initiative targets underserved and underrepresented communities, aiming to bridge the diversity gap in the AI landscape.
  3. Collaboration with Amazon is partnering with to introduce students to generative AI through innovative learning experiences. The collaboration includes the Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition, providing an accessible and enjoyable introduction to coding and AI for students globally.

Democratizing Learning: Tailored Courses for Every Audience

For Business and Non-technical Audiences:

– Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence: A foundational course introducing generative AI concepts, applications, and essential knowledge, available on AWS Educate.

– Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers: A comprehensive three-course series covering the planning and implementation of generative AI projects, accessible on AWS Skill Builder.

– Introduction to Amazon CodeWhisperer: Teaches participants how to utilize Amazon’s AI code generator, offering practical coding solutions and available on AWS Educate.

For Developer and Technical Audiences:

– Foundations of Prompt Engineering: An introduction to prompt engineering for generative AI tools, progressing from basics to advanced techniques, found on AWS Skill Builder.

– Low-Code Machine Learning on AWS: Explores the process of preparing data, training machine learning models, and deploying them with minimal coding, available on AWS Skill Builder.

– Building Language Models on AWS: Guides learners on using Amazon SageMaker distributed training libraries to build and fine-tune language models, accessible on AWS Skill Builder.

– Amazon Transcribe—Getting Started: Explores the application of Amazon Transcribe, a fully managed AI service for speech-to-text conversion, available on AWS Skill Builder.

– Building Generative AI Applications Using Amazon Bedrock: Teaches how to leverage Amazon Bedrock to construct generative AI applications, found on AWS Skill Builder.

Closing the Talent Gap: AWS Responds to Industry Needs

The AWS and Access Partnership study underscores the urgent need for an AI-savvy workforce. While 73% of employers prioritize hiring AI-skilled talent, three out of four struggle to find suitable candidates. Employers anticipate rewarding workers with AI skills with up to 47% higher salaries, reflecting the premium on these coveted abilities. Additionally, 93% of businesses anticipate integrating AI solutions across their organizations within the next five years, highlighting the inevitability of AI’s integration into everyday business practices.

Amazon’s AI Ready, Global Impact: From Scholarships to Dance Parties

AWS Generative AI Scholarship:

AWS is investing over $12 million in Udacity scholarships through this initiative, making AI education accessible to over 50,000 high school and university students from underserved and underrepresented communities globally.

Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition:

In collaboration with, Amazon Future Engineer is launching an Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition. This global event, occurring during Computer Science Education Week from December 4–10, introduces students to coding and AI by creating virtual music videos. With up to $8 million in AWS Cloud computing credits supporting, this initiative promises to inspire the next generation of AI enthusiasts.

Amazon’s AI Ready: A Commitment Beyond Borders

Amazon AI Ready, Complementing Cloud Skills Training:

Amazon’s “AI Ready” commitment aligns with AWS’s broader vision of investing hundreds of millions of dollars to provide free cloud computing skills training to 29 million people by 2025. With over 21 million people already trained, this commitment demonstrates Amazon’s dedication to shaping the digital landscape by empowering individuals with critical skills.

Amazon AI Ready, Shaping the Future Landscape of AI Education:

As AI redefines industries and drives innovation, Amazon’s “AI Ready” initiative emerges as a beacon of accessibility and inclusivity in the evolving digital landscape. By offering tailored courses for diverse audiences, bridging the diversity gap through scholarships, and collaborating with educational platforms, Amazon is not just addressing the current talent gap but actively shaping AI education’s future landscape. The democratization of AI skills is no longer a lofty goal but a tangible commitment that holds the promise of transforming lives and industries across the globe.


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