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Watch out for Brands Buzzing in 2021



Let’s start by saying that it has been a rough ride for businesses and brands across the globe in 2020. Yet this year, humanity was prepared with its contingency plans backed up for odds and ends. Businesses braced the challenges and well if it calls for crossing swords, they would!

  • Amazon- The brand is cutting-edge yet again with a revenue growth of 37% and profit reaching a 200% in third quarter. Despite a cost of 12 billion dollars vouchsafed for Covid-19, the shares went up 74% for amazon this year. Though the coin seems to be flipping for amazon every now and then, the company is facing accusations for unfair business practices & anti-trust breaches following the warehouse safety protests accompanied by Amazon Web Series reporting slow growth rate.


  • Black Lives MatterThough the header says it all and leaves no scope for further debate, there have been fewer protests to fight pervasive racism than the huge public lash outs last year. These were on account of conspicuous homicide of black people by the police. Despite the reduced protesting activity, the fight by the black, indigenous and people of color for diversity, equity and inclusion will catch businesses’ attention for 2021. Employing diverse workforce, producing housing units, funds for Black and Latino-owned small businesses by The Business Roundtable, organization of above 200 top shot companies’ CEO of America are some meaningful actions by business owners for the matter.


  • Tik TokOne of the hottest trending influencer platforms almost saw its exit from the U.S. This was after President Donald Trump expressed apprehension over national security and threatened to shut down Tik Tok, owned by ByteDance which is a Chinese corporation. Considering the popularity of Influencer marketing, and the download statistics of the app (almost 2 billion), Tik Tok is likely to grow more in 2021.


  • Disney- Disney seems to be riding on its trial and transformation phase. Trials are expected in the parks and resorts domain, whereas transformation in terms of the company’s direct-to-consumer business with a focus on Disney+ amidst the pandemic.


Though the list includes a few more names, these brands are expected to battle the odds and shine through the storm in 2021.

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