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The brand story of Vilvah – Unapologetically local but 100 % sustainable and natural



Vilvah ‘s inception has been kindled by one woman’s concern towards the increasing use of chemicals in cosmetics industry and the personal experience of her mother suffering from skin-related problems

The saying ‘less is more’ cannot be truer, especially when it comes to cosmetics and fashion. With the information-laden world that we live in today, people are getting increasingly ‘conscious’, and therefore they want something that is vegan, cruelty-free, natural or organic.

Unhappy with how the cosmetic products in the market are filled with chemicals, Kruthika Kumaran founded Vilvah in 2017. The fact that her mother passed away due to complications in skin-related problems was also a major driver in her decision of starting this business of organic skincare products.

The unique edge – 100 % natural and convenient to use

Kumaran started experimenting with soaps and even took an online course. As an entrepreneur and with a large pool of ‘organic’ products already there in the market, she had to come up with something that will make her brand acquire a unique edge. Thus, she started making products that are made out of goat milk. She also started making mosquito repellents, sun-blocks and hand creams. To make them easy to use and portable, she manufactured them in small roll-on bars. For products like eye creams where the use of preservatives is a must, the shelf life is kept at minimum.

Creating brand awareness

Even though the digital world has made it so much easier in spreading the word about any brand or new products or services, there is nothing like meeting the prospective customers in person. Thus, Kumaran set up a stall at the Gourmet Bazaar, showcasing an array of her products. Whether it is the lip products made out of coconut oil or her line of goat-milk products, the quality was assured and this was the factor that roped in customers.

In addition to being a natural and organic skincare brand, the sustainability factor of Vilvah and the fact that it adheres to the philosophy of supporting local farming communities are also the main reasons people opt for it. “We work with small scale and marginal farmers who follow organic and sustainable practices and pay periodic visits to ensure the quality of the products. We also have our own Vilvah farm from where we source goat milk, coconut oil, sesame oil and various other ingredients,” said Kumaran.

A bootstrapped company that started with an investment of merely Rs 10,000, Vilvah has thrived within a few years’ time and today, it even exports products overseas, however, with its major clientele based in India, it is mainly focusing on the domestic market for now.

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