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Grocery store- East West Market, remind its customers to carry bags



The Climate crisis has knocked on our doors and to fight environmental degradation brands are now persuading consumers to shun single-use plastic bags. East West Market in Vancouver is now handling customer’s bags that read “Wart Ointment Wholesale” or “Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium”.

In an attempt to shame the customers who don’t bring their own bags, the grocery market insists its customers use reusable and recyclable bags. The move was to entice a humorous turn and at the same time to make them conscious of the current environmental changes. There are different brands that are using different approaches to curb, plastic consumption. In 2018, McDonald’s changed their packaging game by using renewable, recyclable, and sustainable products. Later on, Nestle as well eliminated all plastic straws in its products as a commitment to reducing waste.

Different brands are working towards cutting down on the carbon footprint and forcing customers to think twice about their consumption habits. There is no doubt that millions of plastic bags are being used and catering to the growing problem of plastic waste.

Plastics that cannot be recycled just end up in landfills and through these steps brands are making an attempt to address these issues. East West Market, in the meantime, plans to continue with the pun and move the images to canvas bags.

As a majority of the brands plan to ban single-use plastics by 2021, this Vancouver grocery store has started a conversation with an effort to encourage people to use reusable shopping bags. Individuals get a daunting reminder to use and carry bags through this initiative.

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