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The story of branded Jackfruit: ‘Thalir’



For the first time the widely available jackfruit will be sold under a brand name. The tropical fruit native to South India will be vended under the patronage of State government, Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) serving the exotic tenderized jackfruit with the brand name ‘Thalir.’

Another consumer-friendly feature of this fruit trade is the traceability of the reap. All the farmers supplying jackfruit to the VFPCK center in the south need to provide the details for the origin of the fruit so that the purchaser can be aware of what they are consuming and where is it sourced from. Buyers will have the option to give a feedback on the fruit’s quality. The traceability factor will also be a marketing attraction for the fruit.

Also, the production price of the fruit fell from Rs 20 a kilogram to Rs 18 a kilogram to the buyers’ benefit, and the fruit has become more sought after with the season commencing.

The VFPCK center is situated in Kerala, near Thodupuzha, in Alakkode panchayat, established with the purpose of boosting the overall fruit and vegetable sector in Kerala.

An official stated that the supply of jackfruit has been stable, and the labor involved in plucking and transporting of this fruit is awarded with an extra Rs 5.

The sale of ‘Varikka,’ which is the most sought-after variety, is emphasized under the brand name ripe fruit. The raw jackfruit is also being processed by farmers as a value-added food item and the required training is being imparted for this purpose.

With the pandemic hitting the nation, the marketing process has seen its share of decline and so has been the fate of jackfruit marketing with the second wave of COVID-19, which is now being sourced from the Idukki district whose farmers have been associated with VFPCK.

Did you know that Jackfruit has a unique feature? Its uncommonly large proportions with weight reaching up to 35 kilograms (80 pounds). This one makes it the largest tree fruit in the world.

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