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Snitch, a fashion label for Men’s wear, records ARR of a whopping 100 crores in Q4 of FY’22
D2C fashion brand Snitch attracts an annual return of Rs. 100 crores within 2 years of its inception, aims to become India’s biggest fashion brand for men.



In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go like passing clouds, there’s one brand that has not only weathered the storm but has also become a beacon of innovation and style. Bootstrap Fashion Brand Snitch is a remarkable apparel brand that has not just carved a niche for itself but has also managed to thrive in a highly competitive market.

With its inception in 2019, Snitch has gained a massive reach of customers and is famous among youngsters for men’s wear. The initial years of the brand have proved to be flourishing. Within a month of its launch, the app received over 100k downloads.

Snitch’s first offline retail store was set up in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar on July 4, 2023.

BharatX’s SnitchPay feature results from a partnership between BharatX and Snitch to offer the customers buy now, pay later services. Through the new feature introduced, “SnitchPay” will offer customers to pay via three installments, with no extra added cost or interest, bringing the array of affordability and convenience to the customers.


Snitch: Pioneering Sustainability in Textiles

Ensuring sustainability in textiles, Snitch believes that what people wear is important for the planet, too. With a sustainable focus in mind, not only do the makers at Snitch produce chemical-free apparel, but they are also mindful of their fabrics as they are organic and ethical, which is best suited for us and the environment.


Snitch’s Purpose, Focus, and Vision: Crafting a Better Tomorrow

The brand aims to redefine the fashion meaning and bring about a tremendous shift among youngsters. The strategy opted for is simple: create what attracts youngsters and change the fashion world for men by bringing exciting, glamorous, and colorful clothes for men.

“Our company’s name means to snitch on trends and deliver pep, mostly to Gen Z and X, who tend to be money-conscious but are eager to be trendy. The objective is to consistently deliver trend-right products plus the finest quality at appealing prices,” says Siddharth.


Being a homegrown and bootstrapped brand, Snitch is the first among the beginner brands to achieve 100 crore ARR within 2 years of its foundation. Being the first in India to introduce cord sets for men, Snitch proves true to its tagline, ‘Discover your Style.’


“The brand focuses on developing an excellent product at low cost and ROI-driven marketing. We plan to continue with such approaches to achieve our next big goal for Snitch: hitting Rs. 350 crore by the end of 2025,” said Chetan Siyal, Chief Marketing Officer at Snitch.


Keeping up with India’s fastest-growing pace, Snitch envisions becoming the country’s fastest-growing men’s apparel brand.


Thriving Through Turbulence: Snitch’s Pandemic Success Story


“The pandemic hit us hard, and we were stuck with a huge inventory as our B2B business was down. We wanted to make the best of this opportunity and immediately went online and started operating as a D2C brand,” says Founder and CEO Siddharth Dungarwal.


Siddharth has been a hard-core hustler, and this quality of him lets the brand take quick turns during problematic situations. He began Snitch as a B2B brand and turned the paths as the Pandemic hit in 2020 to a D2C brand. The brand has 100% made-in-India products and is India’s first-ever brand that has changed the outlook of men’s clothing & provides a variety of clothes for men. The array includes Shirts, T-Shirts, Denim, Cord-sets etc. It receives more than 2000 orders daily and has a customer base of over a million stylish customers.


In the Weave of Excellence: Snitch’s Remarkable Journey


The brand has taken many accolades in its name. From being among the ‘Top D2C 100 Brands of 2022’ to being the ‘Fashion Start-up of 2023,’ Snitch began with Bengaluru but has grown its reach beyond boundaries and stays at the helm of the hearts of its customers.


Positioned as a leading fast–fashion brand, Snitch is focused and driven by its potential to match the ongoing and rapidly changing fashion trends. The brand gained early popularity, and the sales reached peaks in no time. Snitch is dedicated to delivering high-quality products while maintaining cost-efficiency and a results-oriented marketing strategy.


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