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Reliance Retail Introduces Youth-Centric Fashion Brand ‘Yousta’ to Tap Growing Value Apparel Market



Reliance Retail, a unit of Reliance Industries, has taken a significant step in the retail sector by launching its latest value apparel format, ‘ Yousta’. To counter the ever-changing fashion needs of India’s young generation, the company has entered the market to compete directly with established players such as Tata’s Zudio, Max from the Landmark Group and InTune from Shoppers Stop.

Yousta ‘s Unique Proposition

Yousta, a youth-focused brand, aims at a target group of consumers in the age group of 15-25 years, offering them a wide range of high-fashion products at affordable prices. All items within the Yousta store are priced below Rs. 999, with a majority falling under the Rs. 499 price point. The product range covers apparel, footwear, accessories and will soon include beauty products. This initiative is aligned with the growing urbanization and the increasing need for fashionable outfits for various occasions.

The first Yousta store, located at Hyderabad’s Sarath City Mall, has introduced contemporary tech-enabled store layouts to provide shoppers with a seamless shopping experience. The store has various technologies, including QR-enabled screens for information sharing, self-checkout counters, complimentary Wi-Fi and charging stations. These features show Reliance Retail’s attempt to provide young customers with convenient and modern shopping solutions.

Weekly Refreshed Collections & Yousta’s Presence 

A significant aspect of Yousta is its dedication to delivering fresh and relevant fashion solutions. The brand plans to launch a new weekly collection, ensuring the fast-paced Gen-Z can access the latest fashion trends. “The team will continuously work with India’s younger generation to understand their evolving fashion needs,” said Akhilesh Prasad, President and CEO – Fashion and Lifestyle, Reliance Retail.

In addition to the weekly collections, Yousta will house unisex merchandise, character-themed items and a capsule collection called the “Starring Now” collection, allowing customers to create complete outfits with matching accessories. The brand focuses on college and high-school students and will soon develop Instagram social media campaigns to gain more traction.

With the first store in Hyderabad, Reliance Retail plans to identify and open at least 200 store points in India by the end of this fiscal and Prasad says it aims to be a prominent player in the market over the next 3 years. These stores, Prasad says, will span across geographies. “We will be in metros and in class A towns and we will go right up to state capitals and some district headquarters also,” he added. Yousta’s reach further extends beyond its physical stores. The brand’s products can also be accessed through Reliance Retail’s e-commerce platforms, Ajio and JioMart, offering customers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes.

Competing in the Evolving Market

Reliance Retail’s entry into the value fashion market aligns with the trend of increasing fashion consumption in India, led by a broader base of consumers across various income levels. To bridge the gap between unorganized and organized retail, the introduction of Yousta contributes to the country’s growing organized value fashion sector. The launch of Yousta by Reliance Retail is a move in the Indian retail landscape, targeting the youth with stylish fashion choices that will not burn a hole in their pockets. As Reliance Retail aims to establish a prominent presence in the value fashion market, Yousta will soon become a go-to brand for the fashion-conscious youth of India.

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