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Only Earth, a plant-based beverage brand catching on the growth momentum of the market



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Based in Singapore, Only Earth is an organic beverage brand that has recently launched ready-to-drink beverages from plant preparations.  The company plans to capture a 10-15 percent market share in India by the end of 2021.

Kunal Mutha, the founder of Only Earth, rightly recognized the global transition towards salubrious alternatives, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. Expecting the plant-based milk market to become a $60 million venture by 2025, Kunal believes that the company is in the right space and time to continue the momentum.

Plant Based Beverage Brand

The beverage brand is exclusively focusing on plant-based, ready-to-drink beverages like coconut milk, oat milk, and almond milk, which is under development and should be within the market in 2 months, as per Kunal.

At present, Only Earth has 11 SKUs and is endeavoring towards getting the rest of its products to the market as soon as possible.

The company aims to be an omnichannel brand. General trade and modern trade accounts for sixty percent of the company’s revenue and the remaining comes through eCommerce.

Only Earth is registered with big eCommerce platforms like Big Basket, Reliance Signature, Nature’s Basket, and Foodhall. The company plans to stick to the current structure for a few years and will pursue funding when the need arises. The brand is part of a larger conglomerate that is based in Chennai and is well-supported as of now.

Only Earth currently has its headquarters in Singapore and plans to expand its horizon in 40 countries in the coming five years. Though the company plans to set up its own plant in India, currently the manufacturing is done in Thailand and Shri Lanka.

Looking at diversifying into various categories, this organic brand plans to come up with other plant-based options like snacks, protein, and breakfast options, etc., in the future.

Kunal says that the Indian market for ready-to-drink beverages is pretty competitive, though it is at a very nascent stage. Brands like Hershey’s, Raw Pressery, and Epigamia puts up a competition for Only Earth, in addition to multinational brands.

“We are growing at around 30 percent on an average. The industry is quite healthy and more brands would mean more consumers,” he added.


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