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Salons back in business post-pandemic: Noir Salon outperforming others across Delhi-NCR



Salons and spas witnessed a stupendous growth in the past couple of years. Be it a form of beauty product or a service, the demand has grown exponentially, thereby increasing its supply too. The latest CAGR figures reveal that India is witnessing a whooping USD 26.07 billion growth in the beauty industry, and is expected to witness further growth of 4.64 per cent by 2025.

Two years ago, the pandemic halted the operations of many booming businesses including salons, which jeopardized the livelihoods of many. Many gig-workers that were employed on contractual basis lost their jobs. However, as global economies revive, salons are getting back to business, offering a plethora of growth opportunities to new artists and stylists.

Armed with the expertise of makeup artist Indu Yadav (aka the talented hand at Noir Salon Punjabi bagh), the luxury salon in Delhi is gaining a traction of customers as they unveil the top trends that will be making a splash this summer season. Situated at Club Road, Noir Salon in Punjabi Bagh is outperforming others in the post-pandemic period, offering the finest quality of hair treatments and beauty services.

As the personalized beauty care market is on an upswing again, especially after the onset of Covid-19, people have become more cautious about the health of their skin. Many are adopting strict skin care routines, resulting in a high demand for personalized beauty and hair treatments. Additionally, skin problems such as acne, cold sores, and hair loss contribute to the rising demand for more personalized solutions.

This is where Noir excels across Delhi-NCR. Backed by the best beauty and hair experts, Noir Salon is offering the best personalized services. Today, people not only prefer to look good, but they are also concerned about beauty products that are applied on their skin. This is not only relevant in tier-I cities; nowadays, people from tier-II cities are very proactive when it comes to skin health. The advent of social media has allowed people to have access to the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Grooming in today’s world has become an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle, whether it is a metropolitan city like Delhi or the smaller towns across India, consumers are no longer dependent on just home remedies; they reach out to experts for their beauty needs. Additionally, the expansion of gender-neutral salons, where even men can avail grooming service like a facial, manicure, and pedicure, has helped the salon gain additional profits.

The beauty industry over the years has gone through massive changes. Yet, its essence has always been aspirational. Consumer preference change with time, and the businesses that keep pace with the continuous progression stay in the game and those losing track are left in the dust. With global exposure available on the internet and social media, consumers are presented with a lot of viable options, thus, it becomes necessary to stand out to envision futuristic growth. Noir Salon’s practice of adopting change has bestowed upon it immense success in the post-pandemic world.

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