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Networkbay collaborates with FCB India to enhance retail virtual experiences for Indians



fcb india Networkbay

They will leverage digital tools and technology to complement sales for brands.

FCB India has recently collaborated with Networkbay, a retail services platform, to redefine retail experiences in India. The launch of “Retail: Day 1” comes in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic as the consumers have now become more watchful. This initiative is likely to help brands and retailers transform their strategies to meet the new-age requirements.

With the government of India taking precautionary measures such as a nationwide lockdown to avert the community transmission in the country, creating solid online experiences is the need of the hour for brands. They can leverage digital tools and design innovation to reinvent for the post-COVID world. Rohit Ohri, group chairman and CEO, FCB India explains, “We are hoping that with our Retail Day 1 initiative, we can help our clients rapidly build back their business.”

With increasing concerns around health, the consumers are now turning to online shopping for necessities. Retail Day 1 initiative would help brands achieve an engagement driven interface and delivery. For instance, leveraging AR technology in the cosmetics industry could help brands deliver a good virtual experience to the consumers. Customers can now also opt for contactless delivery and many other brands like Zomato have already been doing that.

Hozefa Attari, Co-founder, Networkbay said, “Project “Retail: Day1” would allow us to work closely with FCB, to develop radical customer journeys.

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