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Medicines Within Arm’s Reach – the Brand Story of Netmeds



The E-commerce sector has grown tremendously over the years and with the emergence of various online retail platforms, the idea of shopping has drastically transformed with shopping catalogue redefined – today, we have plethoric products to choose from right at our fingertips. However, while clothes, groceries, household items, and even electronic gadgets are available to be purchased online, why not medicines, which are in fact our life saviors? It is to bridge this very gap that Netmeds was established.

Netmeds – How it started

A Chennai-based company, Netmeds is among the pioneers of online pharmacy in India which was founded in 2010 by Pradeep Dadha. Today, it has become one of the go-to platforms for most Indians who are looking to buy medicines online. From prescription and over-the-counter medicines, general health care products to Ayurvedic medicines, the company deals with a wide range of medicines online.

Pradeep hails from a business family that managed TDPL (Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Ltd) which later merged with Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd in 1997 the founder of which was Mr S. Mohanchand Dadha, Pradeep’s father. Adding a new dimension to his father’s efforts in the pharmaceutical industry, Pradeep ventured into e-retail in 2010 with Netmeds.

The unique edge

Netmeds offers a wide array of both prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs. By simply browsing for the products, adding them in the cart along with prescriptions where required, and proceeding with the payment, the purchase can be made. Partnered with more than 200 Indian pharmaceutical companies including Sun, Ranbaxy, Cipla, and Dr. Reddy, the e-retail platform covers an assortment of healthcare products that not only includes medicines but also supplements and personal care items.

As a brand, it harnesses data analytics as part of its marketing efforts to predict demand accurately. However, what has made Netmeds a default site for many Indians for purchasing medicines online today is the fact that it banks on the USP of high quality, authenticity, prompt delivery, and the fact that it houses a team of experts with rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


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