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Mother Sparsh, eco-friendly brand clocked 22 Cr turnover in pandemic year



Mother Sparsh, a startup founded by a husband-wife duo, recorded five times higher growth in the last year. Rishu Gandhi and Himanshu Gandhi gave birth to this eco-friendly baby care brand with a personal investment of ten lakhs and 2 years of intensive research and development.

Mother Sparsh caters to eco-friendly baby care products and has achieved an annual turnover of roughly about Rs 22 crore for FY21. The brand witnessed a staggering surge in sales from 3 lakh units in fiscal 2020 to about 1.5 million in fiscal 21. The startup expects a revenue return of approximately 50 crores in the current fiscal.

Success Story of Mother Sparsh

The CEO and co-founder of Mother Sparsh, Himanshu Gandhi says that the success of the startup is due to the diversification of product portfolio with a product range of 24 a year ago increasing to 42 products as of now.

The startup claims to have registered a 5X growth ratio and turned out to maintain profitability over the past 1 year. Mother Sparsh is a pan-India brand with a consumer base of over 5 lakhs, serving across twenty-three states in the country.

Himanshu claims that innovation and rigorous R&D constitute the brand’s ethos and approach towards the business. Mother Sparsh was recognized as one of the first brands to launch water-based wipes in 2016 by Research and Markets.

“Following its success, we further dwelled into introducing innovative products in curative actions. For instance, we launched the After Bite Turmeric Balm after taking into consideration the delicate nature of baby skin,” said Himanshu Gandhi.

With a common vision of creating something unique and valuable for society, the couple launched a variety of plant-based products, using all-natural ingredients.  Their Plant & Pure essentials line included Plant-Powered Lotion, Baby Wash, Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Liquid Cleanser, and Babyface Cream.

The company also introduced some products with a focus on post-pregnancy care for new moms, keeping R&D and innovation at the core of their product development.

The company has a product named Hair Lep, specially formulated for the post-pregnancy hair fall, to enhance the experience of new moms.

By the end of FY23, Mother Sparsh is expected to enter the elite 100 crore club considering the exponential growth of the brand.



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