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Mahindra’s Electrifying Leap: Unveiling a New Era of ‘Born Electric’ Vehicles
Revving Towards a Greener Future, Mahindra Brings Out a New Visual Identity for Electric Vehicles



In an attempt that users in a new era of sustainability, Mahindra Electric Automobiles Limited (MEAL), a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra, has unveiled a striking new visual identity for its upcoming range of Born Electric (BE) Vehicles. Revealed at the Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa, this bold move is supported by a brand anthem composed by the legendary AR Rahman.

Visual Identity: A Symbol of Infinite Possibilities

Veejay Nakra, president – of the automotive sector, Mahindra & Mahindra, said, “This new visual identity, symbolising ‘infinite possibilities,’ is the proud embodiment of our ‘go global’ vision, representing our exciting, energising, and efficient range of electric vehicles where iconic design meets revolutionary engineering and intuitive technologies.”

Mahindra’s new visual identity depicts its dedication to electric vehicle technology and deep-rooted legacy. It’s a fusion of engineering and environmental consciousness. The infinity emblem symbolizes continuous energy flow, reflecting the seamless connection between the driver and SUV. The racetrack motif celebrates Mahindra’s racing DNA, showcasing electrified performance and a quest for excellence. The circular theme signifies sustainable innovation through a blend of science and creativity. The reimagined ‘M’ maintains the brand’s heritage while embracing future mobility.

Brand Anthem: “Le Chalaang” – The Sonic Leap

Adding an auditory dimension to its visual transformation, Mahindra collaborated with AR Rahman to compose an inspiring brand anthem, “Le Chalaang.” This anthem captures the spirit of ‘Rise’ and the essence of leaping towards an electrifying future.

The ‘Le Chalaang’ anthem comprises 75 meticulously crafted sounds including interior and exterior drive sounds, experience zone modes and functional signals. It emphasizes the relationship between music and the human experience.

Future Ahead and Mahindra’s Sustainability Vision

Mahindra is set to introduce its electric vehicles through two distinct sub-brands: XUV and BE. The all-electric variant of the XUV 700, named XUV.e8, will lead the way, slated for a late 2024 release. Its coupe version, the XUV.e9, will follow subsequently. The BE series, constructed on a specialized EV platform, will encompass a range of captivating models.

With a strong foothold in the Indian automotive market, Mahindra aims to replicate its success on the global stage. “We intend to add new potential markets like the UK and Europe and when we bring the global pickup, we want to expand our presence and reach new markets like ASEAN, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South and Central America,” said Veejay Nakra at the launch.

One of the highlights of Mahindra’s global strategy is the unveiling of the “Global Pik Up” concept, a lifestyle pickup designed to tap into international markets. This vehicle has cutting-edge technology and safety features that will serve as Mahindra’s commitment to global mobility solutions. Mahindra’s unveiling of a new visual identity and brand anthem marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vehicles. Mahindra’s “Born Electric” vehicles have the spirit of progress and a goal to leap towards a brighter, greener future.

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