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Jiraaf Founders Aims to Revolutionize Wealth Creation with Fixed Income Investment Opportunities



Jiraaf is a Fintech start-up aiming to help individual investors create wealth outside traditional asset classes like stocks, mutual funds, or gold. The platform provides a user-friendly, convenient digital interface that offers carefully created fixed-income products with an excellent combination of asset classes, risk tolerances, returns, and tenors.

Foundation Year  2021
Founders  Saurav Ghosh and Vineet Agarwal
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Business Segment Fintech
No. of Employees  51 – 200

Birth of Jiraaf

Founded in 2021 by Saurav Ghosh and Vineet Agarwal, Jiraaf has quickly grown into a community of 6000 active transacting users in India. The firm is focused on revolutionizing the journey to wealth creation by guiding people toward investing in diversified asset classes for long-term investment solutions.

Jiraaf Founders

Saurav Ghosh, an experienced oracle in the real estate industry, and Vineet Agarwal, an accomplished professional in corporate finance, devised Jiraaf to provide people with a means to build their wealth across various asset classes. With their platform, Jiraaf is committed to making the investment process accessible and easy for everyone, regardless of their experience level or expertise. They also aim to bring out alternative investment products apart from the existing and limited options, such as FD’s PPFs, real estate, and gold.

 “What triggered the birth of Jiraaf in the country’s growing fintech space was an untapped opportunity to cause disruption. We realized that there were no new investment opportunities in the market, especially on the debt side,”
– Saurav Ghosh and Vineet Agrawal, Jiraaf co-founders

With that vision, the co-founders of the platform identified a significant issue in the Indian investment landscape – A lack of opportunities and limited knowledge among individuals in the income bracket of 30 LPA who traditionally invest in established fields. They recognised the need for a platform that simplifies investment and leverages secure but unknown tools to grow wealth.

The prior work experiences of the co-founders in corporate financing helped them cultivate the platform. Both co-founders spent years managing assets across real estate and hospitality portfolios, Agrawal, as a senior associate principal at Piramal Fund, and Ghosh, as the head of corporate finance and strategy at Ozone group.

Challenges and the Conquers

The founders were initially skeptical about whether people would fully understand the vital importance of investing in diversified paths and opportunities over time. However, they were pleasantly surprised that potential customers were much more knowledgeable than expected and grasped the purpose well. Despite the complexity of the new financial offerings they planned on bringing to India’s investment market, the co-founders raved about how well the public received the idea. This change in public sentiment towards retail investment was largely driven by digitization, leading more Indians to explore capital markets.

What does Jiraaf Offer?

Jiraaf is a platform that provides access to individual investors for guidance on investments in fixed-income products and a mix of asset classes.

It has a minimum investment rate of INR 1 lakh with the potential for investors to develop 8-20% portfolio yields. The start-up has 6,000 active users who typically create approx. INR 10 lakh portfolio. It also guides companies needing debt for working capital.

Broadly, the company’s customers can be divided into two groups: those who rely on outside financial consultants and those who choose their investments on their own. First, people who choose their own investments and rely on Jiraaf’s various digital channels for guidance. Second, people who rely on outside financial consultants. Such customers get financial advice from Jiraaf’s thoughtful strategic partnerships and alliances with local financial advisors. These third-party independent financial advisors manage investments ranging from INR 50-500 crores and act as intermediaries for Jiraaf, establishing trust among existing and prospective customers.

Jiraaf’s Focus and Vision

Jiraaf’s journey toward success has been a testament to the power of setting up a strong team and efficient processes and extending the focus domain to scaling up and to scaling up and creating a culture centered on transparency and process-driven decision-making. Throughout this journey, the paramount focus of the brand has been to analyse, comprehend and cater to the requirements of its customers. The founders’ belief that systemizing decisions rooted in customer-driven needs are crucial to taking the proper steps toward growth and expansion has proven true for Jiraaf. With a customer-centric approach at the core of its heart, Jiraaf is poised for continued success in the future.

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