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Independence Day campaign faceoff – Aegon Life Insurance’s #TensionSeAzaadi vs Max Life Insurance’s #Rakshak



When it comes to celebrating special occasions like Independence Day, Indian brands leave no stone unturned. This year also, most companies have put their best foot forward and stood creative in their own way to convey the message that ‘independence day holds. However, what makes this year’s Independence Day different is the fact that everyone is fighting a battle against the global pandemic with healthcare workers at the forefront. Companies across various industries have initiated campaigns that are as thought-provoking and worth mentioning as the next.

#TensionSeAzaadi by Aegon Life Insurance

Aegon Life Insurance, a pioneer of digital insurance in India, launched #TensionSeAzaadi campaign that expressed varied emotions of freedom that is embraced by the people in uncertain times like today. The campaign reflects the brand’s essence to provide a secure future with effective insurance solutions. Since the current pandemic has enabled people to sit back and think about the security of themselves and their loved ones, Mr. Harish Kurudi, Vice President and Head – Products and Marketing, Aegon Life Insurance said that seeking protection through life insurance is one way of securing family finances and ensuring a tension-free life. The film shows the juxtaposition of the meaning of independence or ‘Azaadi’ in the times of covid-19 by taking on essential things like a financially secure future. In the end, it conveys the message that even though our desires and wants may never cease, a safe future is something that is paramount.

Along the same lines is Max Life Insurance Company that launched an initiative ‘Rakshak’ dedicated to the armed forces of the nation. Angad Bedi, who was the face of the campaign, salutes the army personnel in the digital campaign, for their valor and resilience towards protecting the country, while urging people to financially protect their own family and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances like the world is facing today.

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