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Taste Home Cooked Food Anywhere With This Hosur-Based Startup, Cookr



Food is an integral part of life and one’s cultural identity. The thought of a home-cooked meal brings about a sense of warmth, comfort and nostalgia.

Introduction to Cookr, the Hosur-based startup

This Hosur-based startup is the key for foodies who are looking for home-cooked meal options around the clock. This innovative and resourceful startup provides a hassle-free approach to ordering, delivering and enjoying mouthwatering home cooked meals. Customers can enjoy freshly prepared food in traditional recipes with spices, herbs, and other ingredients. The startup also ensures quality assurance and food safety by using organic ingredients and locally sourced produce and strictly adhering to standard production processes.

Cookr is currently operational in 9 cities in Tamil Nadu and plans to expand its footprint to Puducherry and Chennai with recent funding received. It has set out to offer home cooked food to people wherever they are, with the help of its network of home chefs. This is done with the vision of bringing homemade food to everyone’s doorstep. It provides a variety of nutritious options to its customers to reduce their dependence on eating out or processed and unhealthy food.

In addition to the delivery service, Cookr also offers subscription plans that enable customers to save money and benefit from special discounts. They curate recipes from home cooks in the local area and ensures that all dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Customers are given access to a wide variety of dishes as well as traditional favorites such as rice and curry.

How Has This Startup Managed to Expand Its Footprint?

Founded in 2020, Cookr expanded its footprint by using aggressive marketing strategies and technology to reach its target customers.

The company has also tapped into the growing trend of digital ordering by building an app that allows customers to order their food easily while taking advantage of their various delivery options. To ensure scalability, the startup has hired and trained locals as delivery agents and cookers, monitored closely through a sophisticated software system.

The infusion of funds from investors has allowed the startup to further invest in marketing activities and technology development to expand its reach across Tamil Nadu.

Cookr co-founder and CEO Praba Santhanakrishnan remarked, “We see that there is a huge demand for healthy home-made food and long shelf-life food products, and we are excited to offer a solution that will cater to this rapidly growing market.”

What Is the Future of Cookr?

With its recent inflow of funding money, the Hosur-based startup, has ambitious plans for the future. They plan to expand their operations beyond Tamil Nadu across pan-India, bringing home-cooked food to more people than ever before. In addition, they are developing innovative new products and services which will provide additional convenience to customers. They believe that with the apt strategy, they can revolutionize the home-cooked meal industry and make it more affordable. With its cutting-edge technology and experienced team, Cookr is poised to become a major player in the Indian market in the coming years.

Cookr is the premier provider of delicious home-cooked food wherever you are. With an experienced team and the backing of top investors, Cookr is quickly emerging as an industry leader in providing reasonably-priced, freshly prepared meals to customers. By expanding its operations to more cities in T.N., this Hosur-based startup will continue providing unsurpassed flavor while increasing its customer base and growing its foothold in the competitive food delivery market.

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