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Eco-Friendly Insight for consumers by Green Beauty Brands Founders



Eco-Friendly Insight for consumers by Green Beauty Brands Founders

We, as consumers, do get the feeling to do right by this planet every now and then, to put our years of education to use and become a sound consumer, vouching for environment-friendly brands and products. But are we aware enough?

As advocated by Akash Ranison, a climate change activist, small steps inculcated by consumers in their daily life can make a huge impact. If everybody gets on board, we are definitely moving towards a substantial change in behavioral consumption patterns.

Before making a purchase, we need to educate ourselves about the brand, manufacturer, and company. Analyze what goes into the product and the methods of sourcing energy. Wouldn’t you love a brand that works on green energy?

Hats off to the constructive progress in technology, we do have a sustainable alternative to everything. This article will cover some pointers that consumers follow to join the eco-friendly wave with these green beauty brands.

Watch out for greenwashed brands and products

The COO and co-founder of Juicy Chemistry says, “From a beauty industry point of view, an example of an unethically sourced product might be a makeup product that is made using mica that has been illegally mined using child labor. If we talk about skincare, it could be a product that claims to be organic but has actually been grown in a pesticide-laden environment.”

Make a conscious decision while choosing brands and products

The director and co-founder of India Hemps Organics, Loveena Sirohi said that consumers should make efforts to actively participate in the circular economy. Start by learning about the durability of the product, the energy that goes into its making, how will it be disposed and the packing and delivering procedure. Consumers can give profit-driven businesses a ‘wake-up call’ by determining the acceptable and unacceptable practices and what should be produced more and what not.

Vouch for your as well as the environment’s well-being

Organically procured products serve you better and keep peace with the environment as well. What you sow now, will be reaped by next generations and that will make all the difference. The Moms Co, Founder, and CEO, Malika Sadani said, “When it comes to skincare, there are many products that are made with ingredients that can be harmful to both the human body and the environment. Ingredients such as Silicones, Oxybenzone, Artificial fragrances, and more are known to be harmful to the environment. Look for natural, toxin-free products and those that are not tested on animals.”

Reuse and Recycle

Look out for labels that state the environmental impact. Go for recycled, upcycled, and biodegradable products. Yes, make those conscious choices and get your pro-environment gear on!

According to Deepak Bajaj, Co-founder, and CEO of Sirona Hygiene, plastic is not the villain, its disposal and end of life systems are. Use more cloth bags and glass bottles and ensure that your company is recycling plastic.

We hear S for Sustainability and Success

Asa Beauty founders – Asha and Sukriti Jinda Khaitan believe that the smallest of things make an impact. We can take smaller showers, use refillable beauty products, make our gardens greener and follow a vegan diet.

They added, “With Asa too, we have adopted a smart and efficient Refill Program where we responsibly manage the waste generated to ensure Asa functions as a truly sustainable and conscious brand.”

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