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Evolving Threads: Ankur Fumakia, Ujjawal Dubey and Others Architecting Change in Indian Men’s Fashion



Indian men’s fashion is experiencing a vibrant revolution, shaking off its conservative past and embracing bold experimentation and self-expression. Leading the charge are Bollywood trendsetters and a new generation of designers like Ujjawal Dubey, Ankur Fumakia & Kanika Goyal, who craft garments that are redefining masculinity among Indian audiences.

Traditionally, Indian men have harboured a somewhat apprehensive relationship with fashion. The terrain has long been dominated by the tried-and-true classics—button-down shirts, trousers, and the perpetual embrace of normcore and athleisure. Experimentation, it seemed, was a road less travelled.

However, the winds of change are blowing, and fortunately, these age-old perspectives are being debunked by a new wave of style influencers who challenge these norms for the Indian man.

Bollywood’s leading men are at the forefront of this revolution, using their influence to redefine the sartorial landscape. Take Ranveer Singh, for instance, a maestro in the art of attention-grabbing looks, inspiring those willing to break away from the conventional mould. Similarly, Jim Sarbh has emerged as a beacon of eclecticism in men’s fashion with his floral shirts, co-ord sets and elaborate sherwanis, fearlessly embracing diversity in his wardrobe and showcasing a fearless attitude towards fashion.

Beyond Bollywood, some individuals have tirelessly worked to change the perception of Indian men’s fashion. These pioneers have not only represented the modern Indian aesthetic on a global stage but have also demonstrated the country’s prowess in design and artistic sensibilities. Let’s look at some of them –

  • Ujjawal Dubey – The creative force behind Antar Agni since its inception in 2014, Ujjawal Dubey has etched his name in the fashion realm with a distinctive style for his unconventional drapes, relaxed silhouettes, and innovative cuts. His design philosophy embraces gender fluidity, crafting androgynous garments that transcend conventional masculine and feminine boundaries, ushering in a new era of inclusivity in fashion.
  • Kanika Goyal – She has emerged as a trailblazer in Indian streetwear as her creations masterfully blend maximalist and minimalist tendencies, occupying the sweet spot between streetwear and high fashion. Kanika Goyal’s approach to design not only defines a contemporary epoch but also establishes her as a key player in shaping the future of Indian fashion with her innovative and trendsetting style.
  • Ankur Fumakia – The driving force behind Bodyline, Ankur has redefined luxury fashion by skillfully blending tradition and innovation and building it into a bespoke fashion stronghold that transcends conventional menswear. Fierce fashionistas wanting to break the boundaries of mundane fashion readily collaborate with Ankur Fumakia to curate limited-edition pieces that showcase the finest craftsmanship and set a new standard for exclusivity in luxury men’s fashion that is as fearless and striking as the designer himself.
  • Suket Dhir – He is a design virtuoso whose creations captivate with their intricacy and nuanced layering. Using exclusively natural fibres, Dhir combines universal silhouettes with Indian interpretations of bohemian aesthetics. His designs fuse Indian motifs with global styles, leaving spectators in awe of each piece’s meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design principles.

The evolution of Indian men’s fashion is clearly underway, led by the likes of Ankur Fumakia & Ujjawal Dubey and others who are unafraid to challenge conventions. As the narrative shifts towards individuality and self-expression, a new era of style is dawning — one that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of modern India.

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