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Chaudhary Group Faces Severe Scrutiny: Allegations of Abduction and Extortion Emerge Amidst Controversy



Chaudhary Group, spearheaded by billionaire Binod Chaudhary, is entangled in serious accusations involving the alleged kidnapping of an employee’s father, extortion, and connections to the Pandora Papers scandal. Recently, Nepal’s YouTube Channel ‘Thaha’ delved into the matter with a comprehensive video, supported by facts and reference links, shedding light on the scandal.

This troubling revelation surfaces following a meticulous on-site study conducted by the Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee, a coalition of 44 human rights organizations in Nepal.

At the heart of the matter is the reported abduction of Laxmikant Sharma, an Indian national and the father of a Chaudhary Group employee. Reports allege that Sharma was held against his will in a guest house by Binod Chaudhary for an extended period. The purported motivation behind this abduction revolves around the embezzlement of Rs nine million by Sharma’s son, a cashier at Chaudhary Group of Industries.

Sharma’s son, Shashikant, found himself relocated from the Kathmandu District Police Office following the issuance of a five-day detention order. Authorities claim his pivotal role in the embezzlement case, asserting that he received a significant sum of the stolen money. In a tragic twist, Bishnu Maheshwori, another individual implicated in the embezzlement, reportedly took his own life during police interrogation.

Chaudhary Group’s top brass vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that Laxmikant Sharma was confined for his own safety. This stance contradicts Sharma’s version, alleging abduction in connection with the embezzled funds, intensifying the web of conflicting narratives surrounding the incident.

Adding fuel to the fire, Chaudhary Group and Binod Chaudhary find themselves implicated in the Pandora Papers scandal. The Pandora Papers, an extensive leak of financial documents, links the conglomerate and Nepal’s only billionaire to offshore financial activities, prompting serious inquiries into the extent of influence and ethical practices within the organization.

The Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee’s on-site study revealed alleged human rights violations by Chaudhary Group, suggesting that innocent individuals were held captive for extortion, potentially violating fundamental human rights principles.

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