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Byjus to open 500 tuition across India with an investment of $200 million



India-based Edtech firm Byjus has entered the offline tuition market. “Byjus Tuition Centre” is a comprehensive program for students that combines offline and online learning experiences provided by the company, which has 115 million registered users on its online platform. The company plans to invest $200 million in the program.

Byjus Tuition Centre has already opened 80 offline centres in 23 cities under this program and plans to open a total of 500 centres in 200 centres across the country. Each centre will have at least 30-40 teachers. Along with 3000 to 4000 teachers, the company is planning to add another 10,000 individuals to run these centres.

“This new offering will redefine the next phase of learning. Byju’s Tuition Centres address the needs of a large segment of parents and students who want a physical element in addition to online teaching support. These tech-enabled physical centres have been designed to offer world-class learning,” Mrinal Mohit, chief operating officer, Byju’s said.

Through a two-teacher model, the new centres will be tech-enabled with an eye on engagement and improved outcomes. These centres will primarily focus on mathematics and science. They will also ensure students’ holistic development through counselling and Olympiads. The courses offered will cost around 3000 to 3500 per month, which is a standard price for the Indian tuition market. Byjus is targeting enrollment of 1 million students in the offline program within the next two years.

Acquisitions by Byju’s

The $21 billion Edtech firm acquired nine companies in 2021, including upskilling platform Great Learning and test preparation platform Toppr. It also acquired the “Aakash Educational Services” in 2021 in a deal worth $950 million. Aakash specializes in training students in medical competitive exams.

“We have picked up from the hybrid learning model adopted by Aakash during Covid-19, and borrowed bits from how they structure their courses, customer learnings as well as how to drive student engagement in physical classrooms,” said Himanshu Bajaj, head of Byju’s Tuition Centre, who joined the company in November last year.

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