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Bridgestone, running the roads and leading the industry



Bridgestone justifying its tagline “Your Journey, Our Passion” has shown tremendous growth and become one of the largest suppliers for most of the reputed Original Equipment manufacturing (OEM) organizations dealing in tyres, auto, and truck parts in India.

With an extensive network of nearly 3,000 dealers across India, persistent efforts are going on to increase the penetration level and provide quality tyres to the remotest corners of the Nation.

To meet the constantly increasing demand in the Indian market, Bridgestone has set up manufacturing units in Indore and Pune. These two plants are strategically located to leverage the productions of its products using highly advanced technologies.

The Bridgestone Group has around 180 manufacturing units and R&D facilities and sells its products to over 150 countries globally.

The marketing programs are also being initiated to increase the brand’s presence all across the country. With all these efforts, Bridgestone India is planning to fulfill the vision of its parent company to be the World’s No. 1 tyre and rubber manufacturing company.

Company Profile: Bridgestone

Founder: Shojiro Ishibashi

Headquarters: Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan

Revenue: 3.34 lakh crores

 Bridgestone’s Contribution to Environment

To reduce CO2 emissions, Bridgestone is enhancing the development of tyres with improved rolling efficiency to reduce the use of fuel.

Presently, Bridgestone is exploring the uses of guayule shrub, which has qualities almost identical to those of natural rubber. Through this innovative initiative, it is moving close to achieve a long-term vision of manufacturing products from raw materials that are renewable and sustainable by 2050 to ensure a healthy environment.

At present, the company’s Pune unit has installed 1 MW of solar capacity plant and is in the process of setting up of another for 4 MW. Bridgestone Corporation has also declared that from guayule it has successfully built passenger tires with 100 percent of its natural rubber-containing components.

 Notable Awards

Mercedes-Benz Environmental Responsibility Award

Toyota Global Contribution Award

Deming Prize

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