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Based in New Delhi, Shivam pursued his graduation from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. He has previously written for various leading media houses and joined Brandzwatch in 2018. Shivam is well-read and has knowledge on a number of industries including retail and technology and therefore, his writing niche is diverse.

Sean is a professional journalism graduate from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. He worked for Brandzwatch as a freelancer for over a year and joined here as a full-time writer in 2019. Besides writing, he also has a knack for photography and music.

Staff Writer Diana Mathew is a connoisseur of brands and has been reviewing products since 2016. Prior to her career at Brandzwatch, she has also worked as a general reporter at several media outlets in Mumbai. At times when she is not working, she seeks solace in classic books and poetry.

A writer by profession and a fashionista at heart, Ankita recently joined Brandzwatch after having graduated from Delhi School of Journalism. From the latest news of high-end brands to street-side retails and local artisanal brands, there is almost nothing she don’t know about and her writing is as eloquent.