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Analyzing Gaia Inc: Strengths, Weaknesses and Brand positioning




About Gaia Inc.

An international video streaming service and online community that focuses on yoga and science, Gaia Inc. is owned by Jirka Rysavy, a Czech immigrant who moved to the US in the 1980s. Founded with a vision to serve the ‘conscious consumers’ and help them make their purchasing decisions based on ‘values’, the company merged with a solar-powered company – Real Goods Solar in 2001 and later forayed into the media industry. Today, the company offers a streaming service for videos on yoga, meditation and fringe-science. It provides four primary channels – seeking truth, transformation, alternative healing and yoga. Apart from its proprietary products and media, other merchandise of Gaia includes organic cotton apparel, bedding, personal care and home care products.

Brand Scorecard

Being one of the leading corporations of its kind, Gaia Inc. has many strengths that can be attributed to its success within the market place. These strengths have helped in increasing the company’s market share along with the penetration of new markets.

Some of its strengths include:

  • Strong distribution network
  • Superb Performance in New Markets
  • Highly competent manpower through undefeated coaching and learning programs
  • Successful journal of developing new product
  • Strong complete Portfolio
  • Highly undefeated at visit market methods for its product
  • Strong Free income

In the recent times, Gaia Inc. has not been able to tackle the challenges posed by the new entrants within its industry and has lost a little market share. In addition to this, its profitability ratio and net contribution percentage are below the industry average. However, given the new environmental policies and a lower rate of inflation, the company still has the potential to thrive in the market in the coming time.

While it is often touted as one of the most popular yoga brands, Gaia Inc. is not short of controversy especially when it comes to its conspiracy theories on sensitive subjects. Nevertheless, over the years, the company has diversified greatly – from lifestyle to fringe theories and alternative beliefs. To this day, some often regard it as one of the ‘hottest’ yoga brands in America.


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